Route: Heysen Trail (South Australia)

South Australia, AU

South Australia’s 1,200km Heysen Trail extends from Cape Jervis, on the Fleurieu Peninsula, to Parachilna Gorge, in the Flinders Ranges, traversing coastal areas, native bushland, rugged gorges, pine forests, vineyards, rich farmland and historic towns.

It caters for both the serious backpacker hiking the entire trail and for walkers doing day walks along shorter sections.

-31.5940176, 138.5159988




Just a quick note to advise that myself (Simon Duke) and 3 mates - Rurik Symon, Marcus Staker and Dan Camac are planning to attempt to set a new Supported FKT on the Heysen Trail commencing July 10 at the Northern Parachilna Gorge trailhead. We believe it is possible but are a little nervous due to the many things that could go wrong over the distance as well as knowing the calibre of athlete that David Turnbull (DT) is (friend & mentor to all of us and FKT holder since 2017). 

We are expecting the adventure of a lifetime and the biggest test any of us have subjected ourselves too in our running to date. We are also hoping to honour the memory of Randell Taylor (RT) - who crewed DT's successful 2017 FKT, who was looking forward to being our crew chief until in November 2021 he was tragically killed in a cycling accident. RT was passionate about helping others push their limits, supporting his mates and knew the Heysen extremely well.

We are massively blessed and humbled to even have the opportunity to give it a crack.