Route: Hitchin Outer Orbital Path HOOP (United Kingdom)

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United Kingdom
18.98 km
Vertical Gain
208 m

The Hitchin Outer Orbital Path which is affectionately known as the HOOP is a circular walk around the town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire. It was created in the summer of 2010 as a way of linking up a whole series of paths and public right of ways to make one 12 mile route around the town. From the start outside St Mary's Church in Hitchin the walk visits Oughtonhead Common Nature Reserve, Mill Way, the village of Ickleford, Cadwell Crossing, Wilbury Hill, Letchworth Garden City (western suburbs), Purwell Nature Reserve, Ippollitts Brook and Charlton.

The HOOP shares part of the route with the Icknield Way Trail and also shares pathways along the courses of the River Oughton, the River Purwell and the River Hiz.

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