Route: Hohe Gänge (Germany)

19 km
Vertical Gain
1,600 m

This route leads in a spectacular round over three peaks of the Allgäu Alps. It contains everything that makes up this wonderful mountain area. Fast trails through blooming meadows, past small mountain lakes and idyllic alps. But also technical sections on rough rock, challenging climbs and impressive views. A fantastic ride through an original, wild alpine world.

Start is the parking lot "Auf der Höh" in Hinterstein. The first section leads swiftly up to the Alpe Älple. From there it goes through a picturesque high valley on to the Breitenberg summit. There follows the so-called "Höhe Gänge". A technical section with fixed ropes that reaches spectacularly up to Heubatspitze. From there, a narrow single trail leads over to the impressive north flank of the Kleiner Daumen. On another steep fixed rope route you reach the summit cross - with 2.197m the highest point of this route. Directly from the summit a narrow, wild path leads down to the south and after a few hundred meters back to a main path. The following racy downhill runs past the picturesque lake Engeratsgundsee, through a wild high valley and on flowing trails past several typical alps. After about 19km and 1500hm we reach again our starting point in Hinterstein.

The entire trail is well marked with signs and markings (except the short piece after the Kleiner Daumen summit). The route includes challenging technical sections. A corresponding alpine experience is necessary.

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