Route: Holland Peak Loop (MT)

Submitted by MilesK on Thu, 04/01/2021 - 03:10pm
Montana, US
22.5 mi
Vertical Gain
10,000 ft

This route starts and ends at the popular recreation area of Holland Lake at the base of the Swan Range in Western Montana. Starting with running on trail North, followed by tagging Holland Peak, the highest point of the Swan Range, and then staying true to the ridgeline headed South finishing at Holland Fire Lookout and Holland Lake, this route has it all. From huckleberry and grizzly bear filled woods, to magnificent ridgelines, rock scrambling and runnable trail, this route will entertain even the most veteran of mountain athletes.

Start on the North shore of Holland Lake and follow East Foothills Trail #192 North until reaching the junction with the well worn climbers trail that heads uphill to the right. Follow the trail past the stunning Rumble Creek Lake and gain the crest of the Swan Range via the loose climbers trail. Take a left on the ridge and follow the magnificent ridgeline on tilted limestone slabs to tag the summit of Holland Peak, the high point of the Swan Range. Retrace your steps back down to the Junction of the climbers trail then continue on the crest heading South.

From Holland heading South on the Swan Crest, try and stay as true to the Crest as possible. Careful navigation required climbing up and over Buck and Peak 8485 to avoid becoming cliffed out. After 8485, the terrain becomes grassy, sparsely wooded ridgelines with the occasional rock step or ridge, but much easier terrain than previously covered. Follow the Crest South until reaching the Holland Fire Lookout. Make the quad pulverizing 4000 foot descent back down the Holland Lake and the trailhead where you started.

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