Route: Izu Peninsula

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Shizuoka, JP
111.76 mi
Vertical Gain
3,710 m

The Izu peninsula is a volcanically formed mountainous peninsula about 50 miles west of Tokyo. Lying in Shizuoka prefecture, it’s home to remarkable geological features and phenomenal views of Mt. Fuji, Japan’s tallest mountain. The coastline has numerous pristine white sand beaches with crystal clear blue waters, as well as rugged volcanic cliffs and forested trails. Izu is world renowned for it’s diverse underwater environment and is a popular diving location in Japan.

This route runs the perimeter of the Izu peninsula and involves sidewalk, road, and trail. The southern part of the route goes through the Izu Peninsula Geopark- a network of gorgeous forested coastal trails. Some stretches of the route will take you on the shoulder of narrow country roads, make sure to wear clothing that makes you easily visible. It starts at the Usuami Shiroyama Park Camp Field on the north east coast and ends at Ose Beach on the north west coast. 

In addition to it’s unique natural beauty, Izu is a place of substantial historical significance. The route will take you through Shimoda Park where you’ll see the Monument of Japan’s Opening to the World and Admiral Perry’s Memorial Arrival Stone. Japan ended it’s 250 year policy of national seclusion in 1854 with the arrival of American ships led by Commodore Matthew Perry. Shimoda also hosts Japan’s annual Black Ship Festival, commemorating the opening of Shimoda Harbor to foreign ships. At night and in the early morning it’s common to see tanuki (friendly Japanese raccoons) scurrying around the trails and roads of Izu scavenging for food. The Izu peninsula is also home to the Black Kite Hawk, a large bird of prey known as “Tombi” in Japanese. 

This is the link to the Wikipedia page which provides more info on some of Izu's stunning features:

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Nice write up.

I think I have to try this! The Izu Peninsula is one of my favorite places in Japan. Probably would need to carry a decent amount of water to even attempt an unsupported attempt as there doesn't seem like a lot of places to get water from natural sources or public taps along the road...