Route: Japanese Gulch Loop (WA)

Submitted by aelwell on Fri, 02/05/2021 - 05:36pm
Washington, US
4.65 mi
Vertical Gain
800 ft

Japanese Gulch is tucked away between Everett and Mukilteo, not far from the ferry terminal, and is even connected to the beach! It's a beautiful respite from the surrounding suburbs and is perfect for running, mountain biking, and hiking.

This route follows the main outer loop and consists of twisty and hilly singletrack trail surrounded by lush and mossy forest. Expect roots and mud! The loop can be run in either direction. Park at the Tails and Trails dog park and start/finish is the wooden archway at the trailhead.

Note: Don't shortcut the two twisty turns on the south-southwest side of the loop. Otherwise, if there are parallel trails, take the fastest!

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