Route: Juneau 5 Peaks (AK)

Submitted by Owen Hatcher on Mon, 08/03/2020 - 12:20pm
Alaska, US
59.4 mi
Vertical Gain
18,959 ft

Juneau, AK! Filled with mountain peaks rising from the ocean. In Juneau there are 5 popular peaks that people call the big 5. Mt. Mcginnis, Thunder Mountain, Roberts peak, Mt. Juneau, and Mt. Jumbo. All the trails leading up to the peaks have their own set of challenges that include climbing roots, running through muskeg, scrambling over rocks, etc. The terrain is not the only obstacle you have to face. Juneau is located in a temperate rain forest and receives on average 71 inches of rain per year. So you have to wait days, weeks, and sometimes months in order for the weather to cooperate. This route requires you to run/hike all 5 peaks and bike between each trailhead. The total numbers are 39 miles of running and 20 miles of biking with almost 19,000 of climbing and descending.

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