Route: Kettle Valley Railway Trail: Myra Canyon to Penticton (BC, Canada)

Submitted by rick richard on Thu, 08/12/2021 - 02:24pm
British Columbia, CA
76.12 km
Vertical Gain
75 m

The route starts at the end of the parking lot of Myra Canyon Parking lot (near Kelowna) where the bike rentals are off of Myra Forest Service Road. The actual parking lot is part of the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) and at the end of the parking lot is where the trail starts with a km post marking of 0km. The route is very flat for the first 37km to Chute Lake as it is the KVR trail the entire way, going over trestles and through tunnels. After Chute Lake the trail has a slight downhill grade the rest of the way and finishes at the 0km marker in Penticton on Vancouver Place. 

This route is unique and has been cycled many times but very rarely I think has anyone ran it. I ran it because of the history of all of the trains that would have passed through there. The province has done an outstanding job in maintaining the trail as all of the trestles are in great shape and it has lots of signage for interesting things along it.

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I will be running the Kettle Valley Railway Trail: Myra Canyon to Penticton (BC, Canada) tomorrow (July 3rd, 2022) in an attempt to get the unsupported FKT for the route. Keep on keeping on.