Route: King's Pinnacle (NC)

North Carolina, US
2 mi
Vertical Gain
900 ft

King's Pinnacle is an impressive local monadnock in Gaston County south of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is one of the easternmost bits of what could be called the Appalachian Mountains in the southeast. The peak of the mountain is 1705 feet above sea level (according to the park system, but 1690 feet according to quad maps) with the mountain's base rising from about 900 feet. The relief is quite impressive, and the peak is surrounded by very high cliffs of quartzite stone. The Pinnacle, along with the nearby Crowder's Mountain, is a haven for local rock climbers. 

The ascent of King's Pinnacle has a Strava Segment.  BUT, the segment does not cover the entire route from TH to summit.  The FKT is from the TH to the top, which is a metal pole sticking out of the ground, so you need to report your actual time, not the Strava segment time.

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