Route: Kludahk - Juan de Fuca Loop (BC, Canada)

Submitted by clayawebb on Sun, 08/29/2021 - 03:49pm
British Columbia, CA
91 km
Vertical Gain
3,700 m

This route is the link up of two Island classics, the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail ( and the Kludahk Trail, which almost parallels the coastal JdF Trail but stays high on the San Juan Ridge connecting a series of volunteer-maintained sub alpine cabins. Both trails are notoriously technical, with Juan de Fuca record holders having even claimed the idea that the JdF is "runnable" to be a joke.

The Route: we chose to link the Kludahk from the China Beach trailhead via the North Main logging road to Maddy's trail, which links into the Kludahk at Meadow Cabin. While a further terminus of the Kludahk exists beyond Wye Lake it is lesser used and for the purposes of the loop we found the more popular start at Maddy's trail not only logistically easier but more aesthetic than other potential routing options. It is also notable that the Kludahk links into the Juan de Fuca trail at the Parkinson Creek trailhead so it is only necessary to complete the section of trail between China Beach and Parkinson creek, making for a perfect closed loop. 

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