Route: La loop des 4 sommets du Parc Provincial du Mont Carleton / Mount Carleton Provincial Park 4 summits loop (NB, Canada)

Submitted by Vincent Leclair on Mon, 07/26/2021 - 07:18am
New Brunswick, CA
39.5 km
Vertical Gain
1,835 m

This route makes you go through all 4 of the summits at Mount Carleton Provincial Park. Therefore it is a run around the park which requires a good preparation for really technical trails. The elevation change in the first half of the run is considerable, you will go up (in that order) : Mount Sagamook (777m), Bailey (564m), Head (792m) and finally Carleton (820m) before reaching 21 km (you start at about 280m of elevation). What makes this loop special is that you go up 3 of the highest peaks in the Maritimes in one go and Mount Bailey as an a extraordinary view on all 3. I did / created this loop to make an attempt on this circuit I would think this is one of the toughest loop in all of New-Brunswick. This loop offers a couple of brooks and falls that can be use to refill you empty water bottles.

We have shorter FKT routes for Mount Sagamook and Mount Bailey. This loops gives a more complete representation of what this park really has to offer.

Thanks for reading me and I hope you have as much fun as me running or hiking this loop.

*** This loop does not exist on ParksNB website, it was created by me for pure fun and joy of running all of the summits. I am sure a lot of other trail runner or hikers would love to experience this awesome route.

Link to ParksNB website :