Route: Lake Mälaren Circumnavigation (Sweden)

340 km
Vertical Gain
2,449 m

A loop around Sweden's 3rd largest lake, "Mälaren".

Distance: About 340 km / 210 miles

A loop will take you through Stockholm, Södertälje, Eskilstuna, Köping, Västerås and Uppsala.
A complete loop around the lake must include every single drip of water that belongs to Mälaren, which means a loop must pass the following locations:

- Norrbro, or east of
- Slussen, as east as possible
- Skansbron
Botkyrka, Albysjön (part of Mälaren): South of Alby sjön
Södertälje: Slussbron, or south of Södertälje sluss
Köping: Köpingsån, or west of
Örsundsbro: Örsundaån, or west of
Uppsala, Ekoln (part of Mälaren): north of Ekoln
Sigtuna, Garnsviken (part of Mälaren): east of Garnsviken

- There are a couple of bridges a cross Mälaren that will not give a complete loop.
- Slussen in Stockholm is currently under construction (2020), the east border of Mälaren may be moved a few meters east or west, when the new sluicegates are in place.

--submitted by Pernilla Otto

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Amazing Pernilla. A true adventure. Grattis ;-)