Route: Lassen Peak (CA)

Submitted by tayler hockett on Sun, 08/09/2020 - 09:40pm
California, US
38.2 mi
Vertical Gain
4,900 ft

This is route going up the summit of Lassen Peak combines a ride and run. The goal is to go from the very bottom of the mountain to the summit in one single, fast effort. The ride is notable and summit trail known for being one of the most popular day trips. It gets weather extremes and the peak is 10,300 ft. Hwy 89 is a popular road to ride to the summit trail, it's a mellow 16.5 miles climb that climbs about about 3000 ft and end at the trail head. It starts at the Lost Creek Campground where the road  starts to go up to Mt Lassen.

The "run only" variation is for the 5 mile RT (2075' gain) to the summit on the Lassen Peak Trail.


The GPX route for this route does not seem to start at the Lost Creek Campground, nor go to the true summit of Lassen Peak.


I may attempt this effort tomorrow.

But I will start from the actual campground entry (unless I see a reason for the gpx's start...entry gate?) and tag the actual summit before returning to start.

I will submit a gpx that displays this adjustment for clarity of future attempts.