Route: Little Belly Linkup

Submitted by KellyHalpin on Mon, 07/17/2023 - 03:19pm
Wyoming, US
28.2 km
Vertical Gain
11,700 ft

The Little Belly Linkup follows a southern ridge line of the Gros Ventre ( Big Belly) Range outside Jackson, WY. It begins by ascending Josie's Ridge Trail in Jackson (furthest west access to the ridge) and stays on the ridge until dropping into Granite Creek TH/ Granite Hot Springs area almost 30 miles to the east. Along the ridge you summit a number of named and unnamed high points including Snow King, Cache Peak and Gros Peak. The majority of the route is 3rd and 4th class with a few low 5th class moves between Cache Peak and Pinnacle Peak. Only the first 10 miles are on official trail while the rest of the route is bushwhacking, scree or scrambling although occasionally you can follow pack, game, or climber trails along the ridge. The linkup takes you into incredibly beautiful alpine terrain and provides amazing views of the Teton Range, Wyoming Range, and northern Gros Ventre Range.

Notes: This route traverses bear and mountain lion territory so prepare and be aware. You should have experience with moving in technical alpine terrain. There is no running water on the route. This linkup has sections that are very remote and no easy access to the ridge line between Cache Peak and Peak 10623 above Granite Creek TH. 

** Was unable to find an official name or nickname for the alpine section of the linkup between Cache Peak and 10623. So far it does not appear to have a name as after asking USFS employees, mountain guides, or locals but if so would be happy to add it to the description of the link up! 

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