Route: Lomond Hills 50k (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Jonninho70 on Sat, 06/12/2021 - 07:43am
United Kingdom
50.2 km
Vertical Gain
1434 m

This route takes in the best of the Lomond Hills and Falkland Estate and will be an attractive FKT challenge to the local running community which is quite busy. There is currently only one other route in the Lomonds on FKT which is a 20km one way run (The Four Fifers).

This route starts and finishes at the superb Pillars of Hercules Organic shop/café, just outside the picturesque village of Falkland. This is an ideal place to start/finish.(

This is a route comprising outer and inner loops of the Lomond Hills Regional Park in Fife, Scotland. The route visits the 3 highest points in the park. East Lomond (448m), Bishop Hill (461m), and Fifes highest point West Lomond (522m), as well as most of the other notable locations in the area.

Starting at the Pillars of Hercules the route heads into the woods of the Falkland Estate and heads up to the Summit of East Lomond. Descending to the East to the car park and cutting back west back to the Limekilns gate to head south past Ballo and Holl reservoirs. Take the track back up NW to Harperleas reservoir before back south through the woods to West Feal. Once the main track is met head directly west past the farm and up the steady climb to get to top of Munduff Hill (weather radar) before heading north to Bishop Hill.

Head straight North along the top of the escarpment with great views west over Loch Leven. Turn right to drop to the head of Glen Vale and take the path to north under John Knox pulpit to head down to meet the road. Turn right and follow road for 2km before turning south for the Bunnet Stane. Not quite going as far as the Stane itself turn east after about 1km and take the route through the fields to meet up with the Falkland Estate Trails again through the woods heading back towards the start. After a small rise turn back left to descend down a nice twisting wooded trail to Chancefield where the outer loop ends.

Turn right and start back uphill as the route now continues through the Falkland Estate up to the Temple of Decision, and onwards to the open moorland and the Maiden Castle. Here the route goes west along narrow tracks on the north side of the Lomonds. Heading under the escarpments at Craigengaw leave the track to head directly up the obvious steep gully to emerge under the main dome of West Lomond. Head directly towards summit until path is met which takes you round west side and up to top. Head SE off summit following path until turning north back under West Lomond to the main track.

Head east to meet the Maspie Glen track to left. At the bottom of this descent the route heads back to Start point. Turn left at bottom when you meet the road and head through the farm. Take the not very obvious track to right before going down the hill, through the woods and back onto the road. Turn right and the flat smooth tarmac takes you back to start point in about 500m.

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