Route: Magaliesberg Major Traverse (South Africa)

South Africa

The Magaliesberg Major Traverse starts at Hartebeesport Dam Wall and traverses incredibly tough terrain for 77.49km all the way to Olifantsnek Dam Wall.  It has been done by hikers, but was first completed in FKT fashion April 30 - May 1, 2016, by Terence Vrugtman and Jason Gradwell, in a total time of 24h28m14s.

The team of 2 tackled the traverse with a few goals in mind, which they hoped will become the standard for any Magalies FKT attempt.
1.Start at Hartebeestport Dam Wall and Finish at Olifantsnek Dam Wall.
2.Visit all 15 Check Points (visit the link on this website)
3.Plan your own route.
4.This is a self-navigation and unsupported FKT. 

-25.725683932943, 27.848324775696



Hi guys where can I find the coordinates for the waypoints as the link on the website you are currently suggesting one find the waypoints is not working (their Dropbox link is giving an error).

You would need to contact someone who has done it before. Please report back if you do find the waypoints! Thanks.

July 13 2020, note from Mr Vrugtman:  "I think it's worth update or making note there is now a national highway crossing within the first 15km, Kommando Nek pass and It is suggested to rather not cross it."  And a jpg of the 15 check points is now on the Route page.