Route: Maine's High Peaks Traverse (ME)

Maine, US
36.59 mi
Vertical Gain
13,376 ft

Colin Gulley submitted the Route:

"All AT hikers must manage this section of trail but few travel to all the high peaks along the way."
-The Maine Appalachian Trail Guide

Maine's High Peaks Traverse is a 36 mile point-to-point route with over 12,000 feet of elevation gain. It follows the Appalachian Trail between State Highway 4 and 27 and summits 8 of Maine's 14 four thousand foot peaks along the way. Saddleback, The Horn, and North & South Crocker are on the AT. Abraham, Spaulding, Sugarloaf, and Redington are accessed by spur trails. Redington does not have a marked trail and is reached by following a herd path from near the summit of South Crocker. It and Owl's Head in New Hampshire are the only four thousand foot peaks in New England without officially maintained trails. This section of trail is also considered the last section finished, fully completing the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 1937. 

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