Route: McMillan's Track (VIC, Australia)

Submitted by MikeBack on Tue, 09/22/2020 - 09:03pm
Victoria, AU
220 km
Vertical Gain
10,500 m

The McMillan track is a 220km walk traversing the southern end of the Victorian Alps in Australia.

The historic track follows the footsteps of Angus McMillan who, in 1864, set out to cut a track to link the goldfields together in the Gippsland region. The track had virtually vanished from memory and sight but was remapped and reinstated by the hard work of local club, the Ben Cruachan Walking Club over a 20 year period. It was officially reopened in 1988.

The track is a tough undertaking requiring remote area navigation skills and self-sufficiency due to the lack of re-supply points.



Jenine Ockwell, Kerryn McTaggart and I will be making an attempt to establish a Supported Female FKT for this route starting Wed 3rd Nov, travelling in the east to west direction 

Finished in 4 1/2 days. Kerryn G has submitted our FKT and report :)