Route: Medebacher Bergweg

Submitted by JanF on Sun, 10/16/2022 - 01:03am
66 km

The Medebacher Bergweg connects the city of Medebach with all its districts. The 9 pretty half-timbered villages are explored one after the other like a string of pearls. It shows hikers and runners the beauty of the sun-kissed Medebach Bay, which is also called the "Tuscany of the Sauerland". The path runs around Medebach, touches all the villages of the city, leads over the highest mountains, opens up the old, historical traces of the Glindfeld monastery and winds through the untouched valleys of the East Sauerland. 

The Medebacher Bergweg is marked with the "maltese cross" (see picture).


Note: On the Outdooractive-Page you'll see an out-and-back section leading into Medebach city centre. This is not marked with the "maltese cross" (and is unattractive and destroys the loop character), so I don't count that as part of the trail.

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