Route: Michaux State Forest AT (PA)

Submitted by MBenshoff on Sat, 08/15/2020 - 04:15pm
Pennsylvania, US
42.5 mi
Vertical Gain
5,836 ft

The Appalachian Trail from Rte 16 (east of Waynesboro, PA) in the south to Pine Grove Road in the north (just north of Pine Grove State Park). Roughly 42.59 miles and 5,836 elevation gain. Mostly single track with a few road crossings and a short section on crushed gravel in the north.  The section begins just past the PA/ MD border and runs the length of Michaux State Forest to Pine Grove in the north.  You will pass multiple half way markers for the AT as the trail shifts slightly each year, shifting the half way point as well.  From the south the trail heads into Camp Penn (water source year round) then climbs to the overlook at Chimney Rocks.  From there, you will run the ridges until you descend into Caledonia State Park (water source year round), then climb back to the top of the ridge and follow the trail over the Big Flat area and slowly descend into Pine Grove State Forest (famous to thru hikers for the ice cream challenge; water supply year round) (This is the first time you cross Pine Grove Road).  You will pass Fuller Lake, run the crushed gravel trail and head back up briefly until you descend to Pine Grove Road a second time and finish.  

This would be a great addition to the current AT FKT's as the AT across the Cumberland Valley is just slightly to the north and the AT through Maryland is just a few miles to the south.  Michaux State Forest is visited frequently by Maryland residents to the south, Harrisburg/Mechanicsburg/Carlisle residents to north and Lancaster/York residents to the east.  It has trails for ATV use, hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners and horses.  The AT is maintained and water is available year round at various points for filtering for unsupported attempts.