Route: Milford Trail (MI)

Submitted by asarfear on Thu, 12/03/2020 - 08:32am
Michigan, US
5.9 mi
Vertical Gain
400 ft

The Milford trail is perfect for new trail runners or seasoned runners who want to push their limits and practice their technical skills. Over the past few years the trail has seen construction which is now completed (Dec 2020). The new pipeline section (middle section of the trail) features a technical section with smooth downhills and banked turns. Over the next few years as the area regrows it will fill in with tall grasses and wildflowers. The trail is a staple for the area! Runners frequently do laps on the trails, connect it with other trail systems in the area or just come out for a fun 5 miles.

The Milford trail is a trail located in downtown Milford. The trail is open to runners, walkers, mountain bike riders, but closed to hunting and equestrian rides.  The start and finish are located at Jakowski field. The trail entrance is on the right side of a changing area, marked with a sign, the exit of the trail is a few feet to the left.

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