Route: Mörbylångaleden (Sweden)

Submitted by @motultra100 on Sun, 08/16/2020 - 01:07pm
84 km
Vertical Gain
200 m

Mörbylångaleden is an 83 km long hiking trail that winds its way through Öland's flat landscape. During the journey, you pass unique natural and cultural heritage such as Karlevistenen, Alvaret and Eketorps Borg just to name a few. Large parts of the trail follow along the coast, which provides magnificent views over Kalmarsund, in addition, you walk on the old embankment between Kastlösa and Skärlöv, ie straight through the alley, which is also part of southern Öland's world heritage.

Thanks to the different agricultural landscape, the whole of southern Öland has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. The island's geographical location, the limestone bedrock and the mild climate have, together with human impact, created these conditions. Through the barren and beautiful world heritage runs the Mörbylångaleden, which is our signature trail.

GPS Track


On Tuesday the 27th of July I will attempt an unsupported FKT at Mörbylångaleden. I will do the standard route and start from the south and run north direction.

If I have problems finding public water taps I might switch to a self-supported FKT during the run since I then will need to get water from commercial places most likely. I have understood that it´s ok to do that in that case.


I started my FKT today but I was caught by a thunder storm at 42k and had to seek shelter for almost an hour. I was on pace for sub 9 hours but after the storm passed I was behind the fastest time. I went on to Mörbylånga but decided to DNF there.

Next time...

On Monday 25th of July I will attempt an unsupported FKT at Mörbylångaleden. I will run standard route with start in the south and run north direction. I aim to start at 8h00.

Starting an FKT attempt on the 19th of July 2023 standard route starting in the south and running north. Unsupported.