Route: Mount Timpanogos (UT)

Utah, US
14.4 mi
Vertical Gain
5,050 ft

Start at the Timpooneke trailhead, follow the Mount Timponogos Trail #053 to the summit, and back.  There is a Strava Segment which starts & ends at the first trail junction, where there is a TH information sign.  This is where Trail #053 begins, and seems to be where people start & stop their times.  Note that Jason Dorais has the fastest time on Strava, 2h16m13s Aug 18, 2016, but this has not been submitted to us.

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Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but this is over thirty minutes off the RT. You linked the strava segment In the description that includes a time by Jason Dorais that is 2:16. Would love to see that added as that is the true FKT. 

Your absolutely right!  Didn't notice nor did I link the segment above.  I agree 100 percent:  Mr. Dorais should get it verified.

My apologies, I forgot to add (unsupported): 20 ml nathan handheld containing water+2 gels

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Hey, didn't break the actual FKT held by Jason, but got pretty close, a lot closer than the current listed times. 2:18:17 roundtrip parking lot to parking lot. This was unsupported as well.

I will be taking a more serious attempt at the record(s) in a couple weeks.

Gramin link:

I also have the GPX file, but am not sure how to submit it.