Route: MPC - Monte Pisano Crossing (Italy)

Submitted by Pacio on Tue, 03/09/2021 - 01:05am
Pisa, IT
Lucca, IT
42 km
Vertical Gain
2,040 m

Along the CAI 00 path, you go through the whole mountain chain called Monte Pisano, which is part of the Tuscan Subappennino. This separates the two fabulous provinces of Pisa and Lucca.

The route extends from north-west to south-east, starting from Massaciuccoli (Casa Rossa) until reaching San Giovanni alla Vena, climbing the peaks of the mountain range.
Along the way you can admire a rich environmental biodiversity, as well as meet and step on places of historical interest referring to the Renaissance, the Middle Ages and the Roman period.

The route alternates asphalted segments with mountain paths and ancient mule tracks. All of this crossing places of reference for local competitions concerning mountain sports: Monte Faeta, Monte Serra, Monte Lombardona among the most iconic. Accessible all the year round given the low altitude and the climate mitigated by the proximity to the sea, it is advisable to avoid during periods of bad weather considering the presence of some technical segments.

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