Route: Mt Audubon (CO)

Colorado, US
3.9 mi
Vertical Gain
2,700 ft

The ascent of Mt Audubon from the Mitchell Lake TH is 3.9 miles with 2700 feet of elevation gain.  This is a VERY popular hike.  Note that you need a reservation to enter the Brainard Lake area of the Indian Peaks by motor vehicle during the peak season (mid-June through mid-October).

The Ascent and Round Trip have Strava segments.


Mt Audubon Duathlon  (52 miles total, 8730 feet elevation gain) :

Ryan Ognibene posted the route.  Note that the "official" Start/Finish should be Broadway & Lee Hill.  I have found info about this route here and

I currently show the FKT as 4:38:21 by Kraig Koski

FKT 4:38:21 by Kraig Koski back in 2002

2h05m - Audubon TH
3h12m - Audubon summit (1h07m)
3h47m - Audubon TH (35m)
4h42m - Open Space TH on Lee Hill Dr.

Here is Stefan giving it a go

I am going to give it a go unsupported Saturday 7/15/2017 I will be starting around 7 am if anyone wants to join in. 

I will post my strava route next Monday. Thanks

Ryan failed to get the FKT:

Well it looks like a need a bit more speed next time around


Started at 7. Made it to brainared lake and off on the run at 9:10. To the top at 10:30. Back to the bike around 11:15. And then fought traffic and wind the whole ride home. Finished in a total time of 5:15:40. Time for a nap