Route: Mt Cline (AB, Canada)

Alberta, CA
24.9 km

Up & back from the Thompson Creek Provincial Recreation Area on Hwy 11 via the Southwest Ridge- II, 5.4/

Along the way, you will come across the crux of the climb, two back to back narrow notches that must both be down climbed and ascended up the other side, rated at 5.4 and even higher on some guides websites. I felt 5.4 was more than adequate. The rock was solid going and coming in my opinion. Many make a big deal about the exposure of these notches but I felt it was no more than I have seen on the more difficult scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. There was a fixed rap station at the first notch and only a single piton at the far side of the second notch in 2011 although decent features exist to sling for whatever system you desire to set up. It took me a few minutes to solo both notches both directions and both were completely dry in August, 2011. Dow

GPS Track