Route: Mt Osceola & East Osceola (NH)

New Hampshire, US
6.9 mi

Mount Osceola is a 4,315 foot mountain located in Lincoln, New Hampshire in the White Mountains. It is one of 7 mountains in the Sandwich Range. The mountain is named after a Native American Tribe chief.

The views from the summit are not 360 degrees, but still amazing at around 220 degrees of clear views of Mount Washington in the Northeast and most of the rest of the White Mountains. There used to be a fire lookout tower at the summit, but was removed in the 1970s. The summit is a large rock slab which is perfect to grab lunch or hang out on!

Though this hike is considered easy to moderate, if you choose to hike both Mount Osceola and East Osceola Mountain, the connecting trail between the 2 is more difficult with rock scrambles and areas where a less experienced hiker will need to use their hands, feet (and sometimes butt) to get over and around the rocks). The most challenging part between the two mountains is known as "The Chimney". It is almost vertical rock climbing, but there is a by-pass trail on the side of it to avoid the rocks.




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Hi! I've been checking out this route, considering doing it, and can't quite figure out the explanation for Ryan's time listed above being 20mins faster than his Strava segment and total elapsed time, while Kristina's time matches her elapsed time and her segment time.Typo? Or am I missing some detail of the route? Thanks!

Great catch!  It appears that some digits were transposed.  Fixed that.  Mistakes happen.  Thanks.