Route: Mt Storm King (WA)

Washington, US
4.4 mi

Wendall Lorenzen posted the route:

Mt Storm King is an extremly popular trail thats about 3.14 miles round trip and has roughly between 2000 and 3500 feet of vert. Many people hike it, but no know speed records exist. If anyone knows of any records, please post them, otherwise, I intend to set the benchmark time, and improve on it later.
The trailhead is very easy to find, and easy to follow, the course that the FKT will be on is just the trail from the parking lot to the top and back down. Start and stop times at the parking lot, and go ALL the way to the top, there is a trail that leads to a false summit, don't take that, go all the way up.
Use the ropes if you need to, don't get hurt!

Highest elevation : 4537ft


Note that there is a Strava segment for the ascent to the false summit, but Wendall's route it to the true summit, which is a few minutes (3-4?) past the false summit.

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