Route: Mt Williamson (CA)

California, US
30 mi
Vertical Gain
11150 ft

Mt Williamson (14,375') is the second highest peak in California.  The most common route is from the Shepherd Pass TH, about 50km round trip, with over 8000' of elevation gain.

GPS Track


Note - Eric Jesse's 1 Aug 2020 FKT effort included a summit of Mt Tyndall

So I am  confused about this one. Does the FKT include Mt Tyndall or not? It seems there are 2 different routes recorded on this page. I am interested in making an attempt on this route next week, and I would like to know what the true FKT is here? is it just Williamson, or is it Tyndall also? TYIA!

I think the standard route should be Williamson only

And Williamson + Tyndall should be a variation here with its own tab

The standard route that is posted is for Mt Williamson only, originally submitted by Brendan Harrison. The stats & topo of the route are for the Mt Williamson West Face (Class 3 ) route via Shepherd Pass.

Eric Jesse also ascended Mt Tyndall's Northwest Ridge (Class 2) & descended The North Rib (Class 3) which isn't part of the route. I believe Eric Jesse should've submitted the effort as a separate route altogether. 

There are several routes for Mt Williamson all varying in difficulty and entry points. Mt Tyndall also has a wide variety of routes to the summit. For this reason, I believe Mt Williamson + Mt Tyndall should be a separate FKT altogether. One could summit Mt Williamson via the Northeast Arete(Class 4) and Mt Tyndall via the Selters-Knight Route(IV, 5.10) then later summit Mt Williamson via the West Face(Class 3) and Mt Tyndall via the East Face(Class 4). 

Future entries that include new routes and combinations of routes to summit each separately and both together would be best to keep all the information organized and honest. I'm looking to submit a route for both Tyndall and Williamson via Shepherd Pass in the future. I hope this will prevent any future confusion and allow everyone the freedom to play around with combining routes on these two beautiful mountains.

I ran the standard route of Mt Williamson's West Face, Class 3, via Shepherd Pass TH - TH. I created a variation for the fastest ascent time up this route to help keep the data organized & track ascent times. E Jesse summited Mt Williamson via the standard route in 00:05:40 before I made the summit in 00:04:58:24. 

I hope this helps clear things up!