Route: North Country Trail, Michigan UP Section (MI)

Michigan, US

The the Upper Penninsula (MI) section of the North Country Trail runs 547 miles along the length of the UP.

GPS Track

45.8755685, -84.7322959


Congratulations, Scott, on finishing a tough, fast trek. It was good to meet you at O Kun de Kun Falls. The NCT in the UP is a wild, isolated trek.  And yes, I also almost got swallowed by the ford at MI-123.7 mile, despite your warning! Cam Dasch

Were does this FKT start and finish exactly?  

@Stowson I would check out the two FKTs on this route. Scott said the eastern terminus is "Mackinaw Bridge North Country Trail head (NCT) in St. Ignace, which is located in the rest area on the north side of the Mackinaw Bridge." Both other FKTs used the Wisconsin-Michigan border as the Western terminus.

Considering this route is so long what do people think about having separate variations for Eastbound and Westbound? I would guess that the direction you choose does change the experience and planning. Thanks for any input!

Sorry, I wish I could delete this comment above. I emailed FKT and they basically said no and I understand why. One reason I asked is that I thought I read somewhere in the last couple years that "they" (FKT?) were encouraging P2P routes to have separate variations for each direction, or even making it a default. I can't remember where I read that, but the guidelines currently do not read that way. Maybe I am mis-remembering something, or maybe something changed. Either way, the question seems to be answered at this point.