Route: OK Panhandle

Submitted by walkingisntasport on Sun, 08/21/2022 - 03:57pm
Oklahoma, US
36.26 mi
Vertical Gain
672 ft

In 2016, National Geographic ranked the Oklahoma panhandle in the bottom 30% of American panhandles, writing:

"All we have to do [in the OK panhandle] is go to movies and have sex,” a waitress in a Guymon steakhouse told me...In other words, it can take some creativity to find things to do in Oklahoma's panhandle—the most obvious “panhandle” shape in the States." - Robert Reid, National Geographic (2016)

Make that Sex, Movies and FKTs.

OK, this pan handle isn't that bad! is a panhandle traverse of America's most iconic panhandle. Designed to show that with a can-do-attitude and a little creativity, any panhandle can be #1.


This route is iconic and should be awarded panhandle* FKT OF THE YEAR!