Route: Onondaga Trail (NY)

Submitted by Brian Bellucci on Thu, 05/28/2020 - 03:18pm
New York, US
14.48 mi
Vertical Gain
3,287 ft

This route offers lots of variety with good vertical gain. Starts out at Spruce Pond with a strong uphill then traverses through the woods up to a great lookout at the top of Jones Hill. From there you head through the woods down to the top of Tinker Falls. From there hit the staircase into the switchbacks up and over the hill. Downhill goes down and across Shackham Rd. Cross foot bridge and head up through Hemlock Brook up to a Lean-To. From Lean-To uphill to Morgan Hill Road. Crossing over road 1.2 section to power lines. Last section heads down to intersection of Chickadee Hollow Woods and ends at road. Out and Back.

GPS Track


Carson Albanese's attempt does not appear to go all the way to the turnaround point at Chickadee Hollow Road. The turnaround appears to be almost half a mile early.

Also, the trail has been re-routed somewhat, as Brian Bellucci's track shows. The gpx for this route should be updated. I ran this route today (much slower) and was careful to follow the current trail markings, and it looks like this:

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Yes you are correct, I just noticed this myself. Trail ends at junction at Chickadee Hollow Road. Either way great work! Look forward to going back soon!

This is just a section of the Onondaga Trail, right? 

This is the Onondaga Trail. It’s just a section of the Finger Lakes Trail.

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Just went out today and set a decent time! 2:35:40. Unsupported (I think I may have put in self supported by accident). We will see when it gets confirmed. Tough little route! Excited to see the time go down more and more!