Route: Oregon's 5 Highest (OR)

Oregon, US
145 mi
Vertical Gain
35,280 ft
Christof Teuscher posted the challenge.  Note that Christof didn't actually SUMMIT all 5 peaksJason Hardrath was the first to actually complete the whole route summiting all the peaks in 2019, though not continuously due to work schedule complications.

The route starts at Devil's Lake Trailhead and finishes at Mt. Hood Timberline lot, or vice versa, after successfully climbing all 5 of Oregon's Highest Peaks connected via the PCT. 

Those peaks are:

Mt. Hood (11,250')
Mt. Jefferson (10,497')
North Sister (10,090')
Middle Sister (10,052')
South Sister (10,363')

It is worth noting that North Sister, Jefferson, and Hood are considered technical peaks requiring rock climbing and/or steep snow travel skills.

Who's Next?!? Is it you? 

Further Research from Christof's original attempts:


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It is my plan to make an attempt on Christof Teuscher's "Oregon's Five Highest" starting at ~2-3am on Saturday, August 31st.

It is my intention to successfully make all of the summits along the way.

Following Christof's style, I will be supported, but largely solo during the effort itself.

I have been exchanging beta with Justin-James Long who just broke the 3 Sisters Traverse FKT. and have completed this traverse before, myself. I have also made the summit of Jefferson and Hood in the past, solo. So I am feeling confident in the mountain portions, however 100+ miles is always something to be respected...
...not to forget, I will only be a few weeks off of my Rainer Infinity Loop effort, so this may be a "learn the hard way" experience.

I hope to follow along his 67hr finishing timeline, but with the summits (which may be a tall order).

I will have a SPOT device on 10min or 20min intervals for live tracking.

I will also run my Garmin 935 for my final data to submit.

I will be sure to take cellphone pictures from each summit to confirm I was on the true summit of each.

I will only have a 70hour window of time to complete the effort before my crew will have to drive me back to Klamath Falls in order to be on time to my first day of school with my students.

Excited, Nervous, Stoked.