Route: Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail (ON, Canada)

Ontario, CA
98.9 km

The Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail (OTHT) is a rugged wilderness hiking trail that covers a transitional area of Boreal/Great Lakes St. Lawrence Region forest ranging from Latchford, Ontario in the north through to Thorne, Ontario in the south. It is 100km in length. Cell phone coverage is unavailable for most of the trail. Primary trails are marked with white tree blazes while secondary trails are marked with blue tree blazes. A number of juncture points are indicated with various signage. The main trail only crosses a few roads, but there are side trails that will lead to other bail out points as well. This trail is knows as the toughest trail, pound for pound in Ontario! There are many designated camping sites along the way. There are also many streams and lakes to keep you hydrated. Visit for more info. This is a serious, back country, rugged trail. Experience needed for success. Please do your homework...

-Submitted by Jamieson Hatt

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