Route: Pfaelzer Weinsteig (Germany)

Submitted by Elmar on Sun, 05/03/2020 - 12:06pm
172 km
Vertical Gain
6,500 m

With a length of 172 km and eleven marked daily stages, the Palatinate Wine Trail is the longest marked hiking trail in the Palatinate (Rhineland-Palatinate). The long-distance hiking trail was opened in December 2010 and received its award as a quality hiking trail in September 2011.
The components of the name Wein (wine) und Steig (steep track / climb) make it clear that the hiking trail links the two main tourist attractions of the Palatinate, namely viticulture on the western edge of the Rhine plain and the broadly forested low mountain range to the west with its inclines and descents. Over the entire route there are 6586 vertical meters uphill and 6643 downhill in the altitude profile. The highest point is the 673-meter-high Kalmit, which pays every effort with wonderful views to the Odenwald.

- Submitted by Elmar

Individual stages:

Etappe 01: Distance: 17k, Vertical Gain: 500m, The stage runs from Bockenheim to Neuleiningen.  

Etappe 02: Distance: 18k, Vertical Gain: 320m, The stage runs from Neuleiningen to Bad Dürkheim.

Etappe 03: Distance: 15k, Vertical Gain: 520m, The stage runs from Bad Dürkheim to Deidesheim. 

Etappe 04: Distance: 20k, Vertical Gain: 650m, The stage runs from Deidesheim to Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.

Etappe 05: Distance: 20k, Vertical Gain: 790m, The stage runs from Neustadt an der Weinstrasse to St. Martin.

Etappe 06: Distance: 17k, Vertical Gain: 700m, The stage runs from St. Martin to Burrweiler

Etappe 07: Distance: 17k, Vertical Gain: 600m, The stage runs from Burrweiler to Dernbach

Etappe 08: Distance: 14k, Vertical Gain: 600m, The stage runs from Dernbach to Annweiler

Etappe 09: Distance: 18k, Vertical Gain: 650m, The stage runs from Annweiler to Klingenmünster

Etappe 10: Distance: 13k, Vertical Gain: 300m, The stage runs from Klingenmünster to Bad Bergzabern

Etappe 11: Distance: 16k, Vertical Gain: 500m, The stage runs from Bad Bergzabern to Schweigen-Rechtenbach


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