Route: Pico De Orizaba Infinity Loop

Submitted by Jason Hardrath… on Sat, 12/17/2022 - 01:31pm
Veracruz, MX
70 km
Vertical Gain
5,500 m

Pico De Orizaba Infinity Loop, bucle infinito Citlaltépetl, is an extension of the infinity loop concept thought up by Chad Kellogg, originally for Mt. Rainier in Washington State, USA. Originally, thought up as a grand blend of ultra-endurance and mountaineering. It is a way to use fitness to see and experience every view of a volcano, similarly to a summit-circumnavigation, but with two full climbs over the mountain instead of one up and down on the same route. It requires astute study of the conditions, weather, and best timing for each element of the journey. 

Why Pico De Orizaba?

Pico De Orizaba is the first “infinity loop” beyond the United States, as the big volcano was a perfect candidate for the following reasons:

  1. Mexico’s tallest peak
  2. One of the Volcanic Seven Summits
  3.  PdO has Aesthetically opposed standard climbing routes on the north and south sides of the Volcano.
  4. A freshly built “Gran Sendero” circumnavigation trail


Just like the original infinity loop the basic route rules/directions are as follows:

  1. Climb up to the summit and down the opposing side
  2. Complete a half-circumnavigation back to your starting point
  3. Climb up and over the summit again
  4. Complete the other half-circumnavigation

[See Caltopo Map]
Time starts when you take the first step away from your starting point, and ends upon successfully completing the two trips over and two half-circumnavigations.

Videos for visual beta:
Journey to Infinity: Pico De Orizabafilm about this endeavor

Beat Monday - Attempt at summit and run around the Circumnavigation Trail

Further Research: 

Some great listens:
Kaytlyn Gerbin and Alex Borsuk on Rainier Infinity Loop
Blister Review on Pico De Orizaba Infinity Loop 
“To Infinity” - the original podcast about an infinity loop

- submitted and first completed by Jason Hardrath (IG) and Nathan Longhurst

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Hey FKT fam!

Along with Nathan Longhurst, we are super excited to have successfully established the "First Known Time" for this extension of the Infinity Loop onto the tallest volcano of North America - Pico De Orizaba - on March 29th, 2023. 

Strava here

Our formal submission, write up, and a short film of the endeavor are forthcoming! 

The effort was also followed live by some very stoked Tlachichuca based climbing providers.

Many tacos and cervezas were shared in conclusion! 

The hope is to continue this Infinity Project to the Volcanic Seven Summits of the world. Feel free to reach out or connect if you have knowledge or connections 

The remaining project peaks are:

  • Ojos Del Salado - South America (6893m / 22615ft).
  • Kilimanjaro - Africa (5895m / 19341ft).
  • Elbrus - Europe (5642m / 18510ft).
  • Damavand - Asia (5610m / 18406ft).
  • Mount Giluwe - Oceania (4368m / 14331ft).
  • Mount Sidley - Antarctica (4285m / 14058ft).

Thanks for the stoke and support from this community over the years!