Route: Pinch-In Hiking Trail (NC)

North Carolina, US
2.2 mi

The Pinch-In is a trail that leads from the Pinch-In parking area off of Memorial Highway (State Road 1238) to the Linville Gorge Trail, which is part of the Linville Gorge Wilderness Loop. Trailhead parking is available off of the highway. The Pinch-In trail is perhaps the most popular trail to access the Linville Gorge Wilderness Loop from the western side. 

It's a very steep route that drops almost 1,800 feet in only a mile and a half. About half a mile into the trail, hikers can climb a large rock above the trail that offers a nice view of the surrounding area. Shortly afterwards, the trail will continue to drop until it reaches Linville Gorge Trail.

The ascent, which has a Strava Segment, is unusual in that it ends at the TH, rather than beginning at the TH like a regular mountain ascent.

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