Route: Ponten-Bschießer Traverse (Germany)

14.9 km

The “Ponten-Bschießer Traverse” - perhaps one of the most perfect trail running rounds in the Allgäu Alps. Two great peaks combined with a racy transition. In addition finest singletrack trails, hard climbs and terrific downhills. All on a compact 15km loop (with 1.280m difference in altitude) through the fantastic Allgäu mountains.

Route points: Hinterstein (parking lot „Festhalle“) - Köpfle - Wildfräuleinstein - Willersalpe - Zirleseck - Ponten (2045m) - Bschießer (2000m) - Zipfelsalpe - Hinterstein

The entire trail is well marked with signs and markings.

Here is the Route on Strava: