Route: Pråmleden (Sweden)

Submitted by Fredrik Forsström on Sat, 05/22/2021 - 01:16pm
55 km
Vertical Gain
490 m

Pråmleden (The Barge Route) is an old ore transport route across the lake system Grycken, Fullen and Edsken. Today it is a nature and cultural 8-shaped trail that shows the history of the Iron Kingdom.

You travel in an old mill environment with Stjärnsund, Silfhytteå and Edske blast furnace as central points. In 1872, a lock was built at Silfhytteå to facilitate transport between the lakes Grycken and Fullen. The barge trailer passed the lock on its way to Glaså where transhipment took place to the railway and transport on to Born station at Gävle-Dala railway. The transport route, which was part of the combined sea and horse railway route from Långshyttan via Stjärnsund, was used to transport the goods manufactured at the mills along the route. The lock is still there today.

Along the Pråmleden you can visit old mines, blast furnaces and old mill environments. Make your way along winding gravel roads dating back to the Middle Ages, enjoy the beautiful rolling agricultural landscape and the silence of the forests.


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