Route: Ptarmigan Peak (CO)

Colorado, US
5 mi
Vertical Gain
3,500 ft

Ptarmigan Peak

Elevation: 12, 498 ft

Roundtrip Length: 12.0 miles

Start Elevation: 9.155 ft

Elevation Gain: 3300 ft

Ptarmigan Peak (12,498') straddles the border between Summit and Grand Counties, offering 360 degree views of every mountain range located within the Dillon Ranger District. The summits positioned within the Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness adjacent to its sister area, the Eagles Nest Wilderness but just 1/6 its size.

At 13,175acres, the Ptarmigan  Peak Wilderness is small by Colorado standards yet yields very diverse topography ranging from aspen and lodge pole pine forests at the lower montain elevations, Englemann spruce at the sub-alpine elevations and alpine tundra above treeline. These changes in elevation-oriented ecology result in a wide range of fauna including bear, moose, elk, deer, bighorn sheep and mountain goat.

Climbing Ptarmigan Peak makes an exhilarating outing with all the forest beauty and eye-opening views hikers hope for. What’s more, the trail is padded like a carpet store showroom, soft with built-up mulch, and rock free.


There's a Strava segment for the ascent.

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