Route: Quandary Peak (CO)

Colorado, US
6.8 mi

Quandary Peak (14,265') is a very popular hike near Breckenridge, Colorado.  The East Ridge route is described here:

Editor's Note: Many Colorado 14ers should not be considered “backcountry” where you can go anywhere you want; their popularity can create a plethora of braided social paths that lasts for decades in the fragile tundra.  So if there is a trail, please stay on it. Hundreds of volunteers with the Fourteeners Initiative work really hard to protect our beloved mountain environment.

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Thanks for pointing this out.  Actually, that person provides nonsensical times with the RT faster (1:30) than the ascent (2:00), and those times are obviously approximate.  Plus, we will not attribute an FKT without an actual name.  The FKT on appears to be Jeff Valliere's 1:39:57 RT from 2010.  Checking with Jeff on that.

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For some reason I can’t create a login on I summited Quandary today, and while it doesn’t appear to be the fastest time, it was still pretty fun. The ascent from start to finish should be 2 h 7 m and the descent is the remainder of the total 3 h 28 min, or 1 h 21 min.