Route: Queen Victoria Spire (AZ)

Submitted by Travis.Soares on Thu, 03/03/2022 - 06:02pm
Arizona, US
4 mi
Vertical Gain
1,900 ft

Queen Victoria is a sandstone spire that sits on the saddle of Painted Dome and The Teapot in the Mitten Range near Sedona. Its beauty is best seen heading south on Oak Creek Canyon road. It is also a classic rock climb!  The Regular Route is rated 5.7 and was first climbed by Chuck Martens in 1969. It is a short but awesome outing!

The route:

Park at Huckaby Trailhead and start running east on Munds Wagon trail. About a mile and a half down the trail there is a climbers trail that will help you gain the ridge. From there link back up to the main trail. Follow main trail until another climbers trail takes you up a drainage to the east of Queen Vic. It will bring you to the saddle. Then Climb! Once at the top take a deep breath and enjoy the view. Then go down what you came up and red line back to the trailhead. Good luck!

Perhaps there are more efficient ways to get to the climb but not sure what they are. I would be interested to see what people can find. Get after it!

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