Athlete: Travis Soares



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Sedona Triple Crown (AZ) Standard route Supported 10h 49m 38s
Tuolumne Alpine Grand Slam (CA) TWIRL - on foot Supported 15h 30m 6s
Sierra Peak Section (SPS) (CA, NV) any route Supported 117d 8h 34m 0s
Lone Pine Peak (Full Northeast + North Ridge 5.6) Standard route Unsupported 10h 56m 46s
Buddha Temple (Southeast Face 5.6) Standard route Unsupported 11h 47m 14s
Queen Victoria Spire (AZ) up & down Unsupported 1h 8m 38s
Rainbow Mountain, Red Rock Canyon NCA (NV) any route, car-to-car Unsupported 1h 32m 54s
Rainbow Mountain, Red Rock Canyon NCA (NV) Solar Slab, car-to-car Unsupported 2h 23m 5s
Bridge Mountain, Red Rock NCA (NV) Northeast Arete TH-TH Unsupported 7h 39m 1s
San Jacinto via White Maiden's Walkway & Tahquitz Ridge (CA) loop Unsupported 5h 33m 6s
Baboquivari Peak (AZ) Southeast Arete - Forbes, car-to-car Supported 8h 59m 17s
Granite Mountain (AZ) Summit, open course, TH-TH Unsupported 2h 7m 19s
Granite Mountain (AZ) Dislocation Buttress, TH-TH Unsupported 1h 23m 40s
Tenaya Peak, NW Buttress (CA) car-to-car Unsupported 1h 1m 47s
Cosmic Wall, Mt Hubris (CA) car-to-car Unsupported 1h 31m 33s
Tenaya, Matthes, Cathedral Traverse (CA) Loop from Tenaya Lake Unsupported 3h 44m 12s
Bear Creek Spire (CA) Northeast Ridge, car-to-car Unsupported 3h 22m 21s
Mt. Conness (CA) West Ridge - North Ridge TH-TH Unsupported 5h 32m 35s
Matterhorn Peak (CA) North Arete out & back Unsupported 4h 54m 40s
Cathedral Peak - Eichorn Pinnacle Loop (CA) Cathedral + Eichorn Loop Unsupported 1h 56m 14s
El Capitan (CA) TH-to-TH Unsupported 2h 42m 50s
Tollhouse Traverse (CA) car-to-car Unsupported 12m 22s
Right On, Joshua Tree (CA) car-to-car Unsupported 23m 4s