Route: Redvägsleden (Sweden)

Submitted by David.Grann on Sat, 04/03/2021 - 05:57am
47.5 km

The Redvägsleden runs from Trädet in the northern part of Ulricehamn municipality to Lassalyckan, Ulricehamn city, Sweden.

The trail has an orange marking and goes through a hilly landscape and you are offered many fine and magnificent nature experiences and many culturally and historically interesting ancient monuments.

The trail sometimes follows the river Ätran's winding road through Ätradalen.

At the village of Timmele there are traces of the old riding trail which during the 14th century was the landscape's most important route from Halland up to Falbygden.

The trail passes the unique nature reserve Baktrågen, a very special geological formation with a rich flora. The trail passes several ancient monuments. For example, just south of Dalum there is an old well-preserved globe. Between the villages Dalum and Blidsberg at Ormestorp there is a windbreak for a break and overnight stay.

Start: Kronogården in Trädet.

Destination: Lassalyckan's outdoor area, Lassalyckan's hotel, Ulricehamn city.

The trail is available on Ulricehamn municipality's official website and on the organization Western Sweden's website. There is also a GPX file.





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