Route: Rocky River Reservation (OH)

Submitted by jwetzel on Sun, 08/15/2021 - 02:42pm
Ohio, US
13.14 mi
Vertical Gain
308 ft

Rocky River Reservation is one of Cleveland's best Metroparks. The reservation follows Rocky River from Berea Falls to Lake Erie. 

This route follows the mixed use path that runs from end to end at a total distance of almost exactly 13.1 miles.

For this route, follow the following route:

  • Start at Rocky River Reservation sign at the corner of Detroit Road & Valley Parkway.
  • Follow the mixed use trail entire distance of the reservation.
  • Follow the route closest to the river in all places other than the loops in South Mastick Picnic Area
  • Do not take the Bridle Trail. 
  • Finish at Berea Falls at the intersection of Valley Parkway & Barrett.

Original route was posted traveling upstream or North to South.