Route: Roding Valley Way (United Kingdom)

Submitted by David Bone on Wed, 05/19/2021 - 03:15am
United Kingdom
16.5 km
Vertical Gain
45 m

Roding Valley Way is a fantastic route to get to know an often unexplored part of East London.

The route can be done in either direction from Roding Valley station or from the source at the river Thames where the Roding river begins as Barking Creek (Beckton). This route takes in a lot of industrial London but also shows you just how close you are to great secluded trails close to major A roads. The trails can be muddy but are mostly flat.

The route is close to the lovely Roding Valley Meadows nature reserve . The trail heads past Woodford, Charlie Brown's Roundabout, Redbridge and Wanstead Park. 

The river runs past the eastern side of Wanstead park which also includes a Heron pond and an Ornamental canal. The 140 acre park also has the splendid Chestnut Trail to try.
This route also takes you close to the fantastic fkt Epping Forest Centenary Walk which can be picked up on Wanstead Flats  Knighton Wood has the circular Rowan Trail to follow through the popular rhododendron wood.

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