Route: Round Mountain Trail (Loveland, CO)

Colorado, US
8.8 mi

Nick Clark posted the route:

The trailhead for Round is 7 or 8 miles (maybe more) west of Loveland on Hwy 34. Two or 3 miles west of the Big Thompson Narrows, there is a pull-off to the left. This leads to the parking lot for Round. Route goes from trail map to big cairn at Summit: 4.8 miles & 3,000'. 95% singletrack.

Note:  The Round Mountain Trail ascends Sheep Mountain (confusing!)

There is a Strava segment for this route, but it seems to end ~30sec shy of the actual summit cairn.  FKT times are to the cairn.

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I'm about to do this. Is the time out and back, or summit? 

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Thanks for posting this FKT! I went out and did this with a buddy just for a weekend romp. Was a good time (and humbling to compare our time to the current FKT); and we probably wouldn't have found this idea had it not been posted here.