Route: Run Across New Providence Island (Bahamas)

Submitted by gregrunsfar on Sun, 01/03/2021 - 10:05pm
New Providence, BS
21.96 mi
Vertical Gain
316 ft

New Providence Island is the heart of The Bahamas — home of its capital city Nassau, population center, chief economic engine and historic links to its pirate and colonial past. The "Run Across New Providence, Bahamas" starts on the far western tip, at Clifton Heritage National Park and heads due east to bisect the island to the farthest eastern shore at Culberts Point.

From Clifton Heritage National Park with a foot in the Caribbean follow the coastal trail to Jaws Beach before heading east via Western Road, Windsor Field Road, John F Kennedy Drive, Harold Road, and Prince Charles Drive. Finish at Culberts Point by dipping a toe in the Caribbean at the farthest eastern shore.  You may also run the opposite direction.