Route: Safford (Sombrero) Peak

Submitted by brimichelle_runner on Thu, 10/12/2023 - 12:09pm
Arizona, US
3.6 mi
Vertical Gain
1,585 ft

Safford Peak, at 3563 feet, is a prominent peak in the Tucson Mountains. It is also known to many locals as "Sombrero Peak" because of its distinct shape, which can be recognized from many miles away as one looks toward northwest Tucson. While this out-and-back route is short at 3.6 miles, it is steep and the terrain is demanding. Starting at the Scenic Drive Trailhead, take the Scenic Trail for approximately half a mile until you turn right onto the Safford Peak Trail. After this turn, the trail becomes steeper and more rocky, with many loose rocks and grades approaching up to 39%. Toward the top, there are two short scrambles...look for blue lines painted on the rocks to guide your ascent. The descent may be even more challenging than the ascent due to the loose, rocky terrain, which makes running challenging. Overall, this route includes a fun mix of running, power hiking, and scrambling.

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