Route: Sareks nationalpark: Änonjalme - Kvikkjokk (Sweden)

Submitted by Karl-Johan Piehl on Mon, 03/22/2021 - 06:33am
130 km

Crossing Sarek national park by the most obvious running route that contains most of what Sarek has to offer. This is the route that runs straight through Sarek and most of the route is done within the national park borders - unlike many other Sarek routes. The route is demanding because of big parts without a trail as well as wetlands, bushwhacking, rocky terrain and major stream crossings that needs to be done. The southern half of the route is not as frequented among hikers as the northern half.


From boat drop off in Änonjalme, run Padjelanta trail to Kisuris hut, after that Ruohtesvagge, Alggavagge, Niejdariehpvagge, Sarvesvagge, across Luohttolahko, down in Njoatsosvagge and connect to Sami trail that takes you to Pårek and then the trail down to Kvikkjokk mountain lodge.

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